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Use This Iconic Australian Product to Increase Brand Recognition

Stubby Coolers have been a popular product since the company was founded in 2000. The coolers are made of neoprene, which is the same material used to make wetsuits. That provides a few extra advantages over ordinary insulated can, bottle, or cup holders. The first is that the material serves to keep beverages cooler longer. A much-appreciated feature for a day at the beach, working outdoors or commuting on a bus in the summer. Another is that the neoprene absorbs condensation. Users can bid adieu to wet fingers, small puddles under their drinks, and water droplets on their keyboards or shirts.

The product fits snugly to anything it wraps around, making it a perfect fit for wine cooler bottles, long-necks, slim energy drink cans, and odd-shaped sports drink containers. Larger sizes are available for wine bottles, forty-ounce beers, and one-liter soda bottles. Customers can also find stubby holders that are designed for multiple bottles. They are the most convenient products for picnics, outings, and parties. This iconic Australian product is a creative way to increase brand recognition for any type of business. Having stubby holders custom printed with the business logo is an immensely effective promotional gift. Look around wherever you are right now and notice how many cans, bottles, or cups are visible. Imagine the brand on every one of them. That is a massive amount of exposure. Now imagine that number, times the number of promotional gifts given by the business in the past year.

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A New Stubby Holder Supplier will have the latest sizes, styles, and materials offered by the company, plus more options from other insulated products. The size of the gift means the logo will be seen clearly. If the favored gift in the past was a smaller one, such as a keychain or magnet, the return was probably not as high as anticipated. Those gifts get used frequently but are not seen by as many people. An experienced promotional gift company, like Dynamic Gift, can help business owners select a gift that will ensure the logo is large enough to increase brand recognition. If the business does not yet have a logo, the company provides creative design services to help develop a stunning and eye-catching one. Holders can be customized to suit the needs and preferences of the business at cost-effective pricing. Business owners throughout Australia can get more info at regarding stubby holders and hundreds of other options.

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